This Villa is perfect if you are looking for your dream home to be within walking distance of the Mediterranean

Mar Menor: All you dreamed about in one place

Ok, so let’s dive in and discover why this villa selection is so special…
This villa is perfect if you’re looking for your dream home to be on the shores of the mediterranean within walking distance of some of the most beautiful beaches you could imagine.
Your villa is located in a vibrant fishing village on the Mar Menor in the South East of Spain. This location could easily be missed, but missing it would be a mistake as the Mar Menor is the largest inland sea in Europe. For example, it has no tide and shelves slowly from the shore to only around 7 metres at its deepest point making it extremely safe and ideal for watersports.
The temperature of the clear, warm water of the Mar Menor is typically around 5 degrees warmer than the surrounding Mediterranean which, if you fancy a change of scenery, you can pop down to and be there in less than 10 minutes. This fantastic location, is just a stone’s throw from some of the most famous, therapeutic mud baths in Spain. People from all over the world have travelled here as the mud has been renowned from early times for its healing powers.
Nearby are the beautiful authentic cities of Cartagena and Murcia along with spectacular nature reserves where you can hike, sunbathe, scuba dive, swim or just simply enjoy the stunning scenery!
And when it comes to the local way of life you’ll just fall in love with how untouched this part of Spain still is.
For example, there are family restaurants that were established over a century ago and even today these establishments are still run by the same family that started them. Plus the great thing about your villa is its situated in a community that has been here for hundreds of years and therefore has a constant local population and local economy.

Your villa is being build in the heart of the town in a residential villa area on plots of 400-800 m2.If you want to be surrounded by ‘the Spanish life’ on a short walk to the beach and boulevard, this is definitely your location.

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